Meet The Team

CEO HubX12,

Jennifer is a “farm kid” from Mid-Missouri, and a long time supporter of the healing nature of cannabis.  It was actually her background in aerospace and manufacturing research that led her to this plant via the natural fibers industry.  Realizing there was a need to provide new, innovative, and cost-effective supply chain technology solutions for every level of business.  Jennifer is also an author, workshop presenter and supporter of the organization Compassionate Friends.  After the death of her own child in 2003, she took years to study what the physical body goes through.  Trying to find better ways to manage, rather than the outdated treatments that were consistently being presented to so many parents.  Understanding the medical benefits of natural solutions for parents undergoing the physical ailments associated to traumatic loss; her passion is in bringing awareness and removing the stigma of cannabis.  


Partnering with intelligent, fun, knowledgeable and hard-working women…along with many amazing people working to make this industry great; the Grow Tradefest was born to educate and celebrate Missouri’s one year cultivation anniversary!

We dedicate this event to our dear friend Nolan Sousley,

and all that have battled cancer. 

Jennifer Rouse

Founder, The Grow Tradefest

Owner of Rustic Oils CBD of Lees Summit, Rachel has suffered from severe scoliosis throughout her life.  Doctors had prescribed her 4 different narcotics for 17 years, but she was able to quit them all by using CBD.  Rachel made the decision to open a store to help educate people about a month after she began her CBD journey, which has been the biggest blessing.  She loves that she is able to educate people every single day, while contributing to ending the stigma.

You can read Rachel's story here.

Rachel Crawford

Owner Rustic Oils

CBD of Lees Summit

Amber has a long background in special needs child education; and has spent the last several years as an activist & care taker for Nolan Sousley, who had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  A video that went viral of Nolan being searched for cannabis by law enforcement, while receiving treatment in the hospital; pushed them into the global spotlight, featured on shows such as The Doctors.  From the beginning, she found herself needing to educate herself on RSO/cannabis dosing to be an advocate and subject matter expert for Nolan.  Today she is an advocate for so many.

Amber Hedrick-Kidwell

Founder, Tribe of Warriors Against Cancer

Heather and her husband Kyle own KC Hemp Co. Heather's passion for the Hemp industry stemmed from her desire to keep her twin children off of pharmaceuticals after they began demonstrating signs of ADHD and anxiety. As a sufferer of ADHD herself, she medicated through conventional pharmaceuticals for years only to find how much they were essentially destroying her. Looking for an alternative, she decided to use CBD. After seeing how much CBD not only improved her quality of life but her children as well, she decided to devote her life to helping others stay off of pharmaceuticals and live a more natural and holistic lifestyle.

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Heather Steepe

Co-Owner KC Hemp Co.