1st annual Home Grow Award!

MMCC Facebook Group is supporting The Grow Tradefest's home grow competition! 

Taking place September 18th, 2020 at the Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake Ozark Mo. 

To Enter:
1. Start keeping a photo journal from the day you pop the seeds or start clones (or at any point within your growth cycle) on the strain you are entering.  Document your grow all the way to dry medicine.
2. You must include selfie with you and your authorized cultivator medical card with the number blocked out.

3. Create a membership profile

4. Click on New Folder 

5. Click on +File to upload your pics!

All submissions are due by July 1st, 2020

The winner of this competition will be presented with a Silver Tray Award (and surprises) at The Grow Tradefest Awards Ceremony on Friday, September 18th!  Finalists will be notified by the third week of July, 2020. 

You are encouraged to post pics of your journey to: 

MMCC facebook page, but must use #thegrow2020 when you do!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2178789695720006/


Voting will be done by a panel of expert judges. 

Some of the things we will be looking for:  growing processes, strains, how much produced, strategies, efficiencies, innovation, and the actual look of the finished plant! 

🔺 We will not be accepting home grow photos in The Grow Facebook group

🔺 This is a photo contest only, all photos submitted can be used at the event Sept 17-20, 2020 but will not be utilized for any other purposes.  Please do not bring finished product to the event. 

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