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Leigh Koechner

Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, International Speaker

Own Your Mess & Know Your W O R T H

Friday September 18

Granada Ballroom

10:45- 11:30am

Leigh Koechner is a Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, International Speaker, Parenting Expert and Spiritual Teacher (who likes doing the splits and sipping martinis). She inspires others by being unapologetically who she is and lives life with Compassion & Balls.


In Leigh’s messy imperfect life podcast, guests share something messy from their life, what they learned from it and how they are using it as a force for good now.

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All of the work that Leigh does is built on the foundation of reminding herself and others, “You Are Not Alone”.




Bonita Bo Money

Founder and Executive Director of NDICA

Diversity and Inclusion

Friday, Saturday September 17, 18

Granada Ballroom

Bonita Bo Money is the founder and Executive Director of NDICA™️, National Diversity Inclusion & Cannabis Alliance and is “Bringing Equality to the Cannabis Industry” as noted by Dope Magazine.

An entrepreneur who started in film over 20 years ago, has produced box office hits such as Cradle to the Grave, and videos for Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and his first feature film.


Bo has launched and operated, Women Abuv Ground™️, That Glass Jar™️, and celebrity branding, management and distribution company, Pro-Lit Ventures™️. She has worked with current brands such as Freeway Rick Ross- L.A King Pin Brand, Yukmouth from the Luniz- Vape on It Brand, Hector Camacho Jr, CeCe Peniston. Her work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, La Weekly, Fox News, NBC, High Times and other top news outlets.


Money is responsible for facilitating NDICA’s strategic partnerships with cannabis and non-cannabis companies involved with NDICA’s job placement, workforce development program and the never done before progressive cannabis intern pilot program for Social Equity Applicants. Money spearheaded the Social Equity applicant outreach and educational meet up events 3 years ago and has made Diversity and Inclusion the focus of her work in cannabis for the past 5 years.


Dan Herer

Jack Herer Foundation


Everything Hemp

Friday September 18

Granada Ballroom



Dan Herer, son of the legendary hemp advocate Jack Herer, was born into the hemp movement. Today, Dan carries on his late father’s legacy yet on his own terms and in his own way.

Herer (Dan) balances multiple roles as an industrial hemp developer, hemp entrepreneur, and is the Director of the California-based Jack Herer Foundation.

If Jack Herer could be called a “warrior” and “activist” for the movement, which he was, Dan carries the family torch in hemp advocacy in the role of an “educator” and “influencer.”

These titles are appropriate and reverent for today. When Jack was working to advance hemp and cannabis policy by championing a people’s uprising when it (cannabis) was an underground industry, Dan’s domestic and international work in the industry today is primarily in modern markets. The latter requires a new level of strategy and sophistication. Winning the hearts of minds of policymakers and voters starts with education, in Dan’s view.

One of the primary outlets Dan uses to impact positive social change for cannabis legalization and expand the uses of industrial hemp is the Jack Herer Foundation, of which he is Director. The Foundation leads with the philosophy that “hemp education will change the world.” One of its primary goals is to re-introduce the hemp plant’s history back into the educational system.

To deliver on this promise, the Foundation is currently developing a touring hemp education center and history museum. This effort will feature a mobile education center and mobile Jack Herer National Hemp Museum. Through these vehicles, the Foundation will take hemp education literally to the streets — touring the entire US and educating people about hemp and making the museum accessible to every city and town the mobile along the nationwide tour expected to launch soon.




Friday September 18

Granada Ballroom



Bianca Sullivan

Attorney, Sullivan & Sullivan Law

CEO and Co-Founder of Fresh Green

Friday September 18

Granada Ballroom


Bianca Sullivan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fresh Green, operating two medical marijuana retail dispensaries in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, Missouri. Bianca advocates locally and nationally on cannabis industry issues, serving on the State Regulations Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), presenting before city councils and planning commissions, and advocating for sensible marijuana policies with state legislators. Bianca’s advocacy dates back to 1996 while studying biology at UCLA and volunteering at a prominent AIDS non-profit organization working at the time on the successful passage of Proposition 215, the first medical marijuana ballot initiative passed at a state level. Through Fresh Green’s dispensaries, Bianca pursues her goal to develop a meaningful medical cannabis education platform with a mission to offer services to veterans and low-income patients at a discount, and in some cases without any charge at all. Bianca believes that reducing the stigma surrounding the usage of cannabis, especially amongst women, is key to increasing the passage of more sensible regulations in the future which she hopes to discuss in D.C. this Spring. Bianca is honored and humbled to be one of the women leading the way for the cannabis industry and patient advocacy in Missouri’s fledgling cannabis industry. In addition to leading the Fresh Green Dispensaries team, Bianca continues to be a practicing attorney at Sullivan Law LLC where she and her husband Rob Sullivan, President and Co-Founder of Fresh Green, have been practicing law for more than 10 years in Kansas City, Missouri. Her background as an attorney is a key component in the regulatory compliance, licensing, and risk management aspects of the cannabis industry. The firm has a history of outstanding results on behalf of individuals, including the largest injury verdict in Missouri for 2014 with a record breaking $15,000,000 award in Camdenton, Missouri. The firm has also obtained several record verdicts in jurisdictions across the United States, including federal court in Florida, Virginia and Arkansas. While in law school, Bianca was one of the initial volunteers of the Midwest Innocence Project, advocating for and obtaining the support for wrongfully convicted people in the Midwest. She was featured in Greenway magazine’s Women to Watch series and serves on the Greenway for Patients review board.


In Memory of

Diana Oliver

Filmmaker, Producer of Hempsters: Plant The Seed and HT Hemp House Build TV

An accomplished filmmaker with an expansive repertoire of film and television projects to her credit. Considered a maverick within the hemp movement, she was among the first to bring more Hemp awareness into the public eye with her groundbreaking documentary film called Hempsters: Plant the Seed Starring Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson and other legendary performers who shared her passion for hemp. Produced under auspices of her company, Thunderbird Productions, the film garnered a faithful following and media acclaim for exposing the absurdity of hemp prohibition and highlighting the tremendous upside of revitalizing a hemp industry in the U.S. Since then, she has turned Hempsters into a documentary franchise with a number of follow-up films in the can and several more in production. Her current series, Hempsters Presents: HT Global Hemp House Build TV, hosted by Greg Flavall, focuses primarily on the environmental and health benefits of building homes with hemp.



Snowden Bishop

Host of the Cannabis Reporter Radio Show


Hemp Media 

Saturday September 19

MJ Conference, Breakout

Snowden Bishop is a seasoned author, journalist, photographer and producer with works published worldwide. Her career began in the fast-paced environment of broadcast journalism. She “cut her teeth” in FM radio stations as a drive-time disc jockey, producer and news reporter. She graduated into television news after being recruited by a San Diego NBC affiliate, KCST-TV, where she worked as an evening news assignment reporter. She later returned to Missouri to accept a new position as the anchor for “Today Show” cut-ins and morning news at the NBC affiliate, KCBJ-TV. An offer by CBS Television to co-host a national youth-oriented talk show transported her to Los Angeles. Just days before the show premiered, CBS abruptly cut all new programming to stave off a hostile corporate takeover. The show cancellation presented new opportunities behind-the-scenes in music, television and film production.

Snowden has since held a myriad of positions for major media companies including CastleRock, HBO, Warner Bros and EMI/Capitol. During that era, she worked with legendary performers including Robert Palmer, Alice Cooper, Ray Davies, Todd Rundgren, George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Paul McCartney and a host of A-list directors, producers and actors. 

Having written about cannabis since 2010, Snowden parlayed her passion for sustainability, compassionate care and a burning desire to raise awareness about the cannabis movement into BEAM’s 2016 launch of The Cannabis Reporter. The new online media outlet features news, resources and articles that endeavor to engender widespread acceptance. The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show marks Snowden’s return to broadcasting in front of the mic.


Adam Jacques

ZED Therapeutics, Breeder. Writer for GROW Magazine. 2016 Most Influential in the Northwest Industry


In the Beginning! The birth of CBD Genetics!

Saturday September 19

Hemp Conference, Marbella Ballroom


Adam's work in breeding strains with record-breaking percentages of CBD earned him Canna Magazine’s Most Influential Grower in the Northwest.  As well as a nomination for the worldwide Most Influential Person in the Industry award at the CannAwards International conference.  His passion is this plant, and from his success comes progress.  What does Adam feel his real award is inside of his career? The ability to help people.


Todd Scattini

CEO and Co-Founder at Harvest 360

Veteran/Military Research and Advancements

Saturday September 19

MJ Conference Breakout

Scattini’s efforts to understand the depth and range of medical cannabis intensified when one of his former platoon leaders succumbed to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs have become so pervasive that officials refer to them as a signature wound of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

Through extensive research, Scattini learned that components of the plant could be used as a neuroprotectant, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. This insight was one of many that led to the creation of The Athena Protocol, a strategy Scattini and his team have developed to mitigate and treat TBI on the battlefield. Scattini believes that this effort may also provide protection against CTE, a degenerative brain disease often found in NFL players.

Brianna Kilcullen

Sustainability & Supply Chain Consultant, Founder of Anactglobal



Saturday September 19

Hemp Conference, Marbella Ballroom


Founder of @Anactglobal. Short for “an act”. (The simple act of taking action and creating positive impact). Developing sustainable bath towels made out of hemp and organic cotton that are better for all people and the planet!  Brianna's passion for her work first began from a trip to the textile factories in Central America where she received hands on experience working on the factory floor.  She went on to become Under Armour’s first ever full-time sustainability position based out of Baltimore, MD.

Named as one of the industry's women to watch, she brings her experience and knowledge to help promote and progress the industry! 

Heather DeRose

CEO and Co-Founder

Green House Healthy

Health and Fitness


Saturday September 19

MJ Conference Breakout


Heather is the CEO and Co-Founder of Green House Healthy, a health and wellness company educating about the benefits of cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Her company creates healthy experiences by hosting educational and athletic events, instructing cannabis positive fitness and nutrition classes, and providing media and consulting services. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, sponsored trail runner, multi media journalist, international public speaker and epilepsy warrior. In 2017, she became the first female to complete an entire national tour of the Civilized Games, formerly known as the 420 Games, which is an athletic event series focused on raising awareness about cannabis and its consumers. In 2018 she competed in over 10 races around Colorado, including a Spartan and leading an 8 person 114 mile relay race. In 2019, she conquered a half marathon in Colorado, a 30k and a full marathon in Missouri. She places in many of her races and plans to continue racing to raise awareness for epilepsy, healthy lifestyles and the benefits of cannabis. 


As a writer, Heather began producing a cannabis and fitness educational column starting in 2016 through 2019. She is now a contributing writer for Grass Roots America Magazine, a monthly national publication focused on the science and research behind plant medicine. In addition to regularly featured as an athlete and entrepreneur in publications like Green Entrepreneur, High Times and LiveKindly. She also speaks on several podcasts and has been featured on Green Flower Media and Let’s Be Blunt with Montel Williams. She travels, with her husband and the COO of Green House Healthy, Antonio, presenting at conferences all over the world in order to continuously share education and awareness about the science and research behind the benefits of cannabis for health and wellness. She has several years of cannabis industry experience, including having worked at a medical dispensary in Colorado and on an all organic outdoor farm with 6,000 plants, from seed to sale. It is her mission to share the many benefits of cannabis for people, animals and the planet!

Antonio DeRose

COO and Co-Founder

Green House Healthy 

Opioid Crisis


Saturday September 19

MJ Conference Breakout

Antonio is the Co-Founder and COO of Green House Healthy, a health and wellness company educating about the benefits of cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, sponsored trail runner, multimedia journalist and international speaker. His company creates healthy experiences by hosting educational and athletic events, instructing cannabis positive fitness and nutrition classes, and providing media and consulting services to other businesses. 


As a writer, Antonio began producing a weekly CannaFitness column focused on cannabis and fitness education for OnDenver, in 2016 through 2019. He is now the Managing Editor as well as the Cannabis + Fitness Columnist for Grass Roots America Magazine, a monthly national publication focused on the science and research behind plant medicines. In addition to regularly being featured as an athlete and entrepreneur in publications like High Times, Green Entrepreneur, and Livekindly, his work has also been published in leading educational resources for medical professionals, like Chiropractic Economics, and EyeWorld Magazine. He travels, with his wife and the CEO of Green House Healthy, Heather, presenting at conferences all over the world in order to continuously share education and awareness about the science and research behind the benefits of cannabis for health and wellness.

Judy Thureson

Contributing Writer Billboard Magazine

Opioid Crisis


Saturday September 19

MJ Conference Breakout

Judy Thureson has a genuine desire to see people live their most authentic life. In the last decade, she has helped hundreds of clients focus on their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Judy has been leading retreats, workshops, and conferences to help equip and educate people about the importance of health and wellness. 


Judy has numerous certifications but is extremely passionate about teaching the Lagree method where she currently teaches at The Body Lab in Phoenix, AZ. When Judy lived in Los Angeles, she created Bootcamp Barre at a park and in less than three years, grew the business and had six locations! In Austin, Texas she co-founded Get Inspired Movement, a women’s empowerment group with her best friend Vicki and continue to equip women online. 


In June of 2019, Judy experienced the tragic loss of her eighteen year old son, Jacob to opioid overdose . She wrote a book chronicling her harrowing experience, and will be released in the Spring of 2020. Judy is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and is determined to equip and educate those suffering from grief and loss.

Leah Maurer

Women, Parenting, and the Plant!

Saturday September 19

MJ Conference Breakout

Leah is a canna-journalist and activist who lives in Portland, Oregon, and is one of the owners
of The Weed Blog, a cannabis news and information publication, where she serves as the
Editorial Lead. Leah was very involved in cannabis legalization in Oregon, helping found New
Approach Oregon, the organization responsible for drafting and campaigning for Measure 91.
Additionally, in 2014 Leah founded a group called Moms for YES on Measure 91 through
grassroots efforts alone, which proved to be pivotal in the passage of the Measure, successfully
legalizing recreational/adult-use cannabis in the State. Leah also serves on the Editorial Board
for Sweet Jane Magazine, a cannabis specific print publication for women and mothers. While
Leah also does freelance writing, creative marketing consulting and has worn many hats in the
cannabis industry, she is a social justice and cannabis activist at the core and hopes to see the
prohibition of cannabis end on a federal level, and to see the cannabis conversation normalized
across America and, someday, worldwide.

Dr.Ronald G.Kander, PhD

Dean, Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce. Associate Provost for Applied Research

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

Saturday September 19

MJ Conference Breakout


Dr. Kander is founding Dean of the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) where he teaches and does research in the areas of materials characterization & processing, materials selection & design, system dynamics modeling, and integrative design thinking. He is also Associate Provost for Applied Research at Jefferson. He received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1980, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1987.

Before joining Philadelphia University (now Jefferson) in 2011, he was founding Director of the School of Engineering at James Madison University (JMU), Department Head of Integrated Science & Technology (ISAT) at JMU, and a faculty member in the Materials Science & Engineering Department (MSE) at Virginia Tech (VT).  While at VT, he was also Director of the College of Engineering’s interdisciplinary “Green Engineering” program.  Before joining academia, he was employed by DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware as a Senior Engineer in the Advanced Composites Division of the Fibers Department and in the Polymer Physics Group of the Central Research Department.
 As Dean of Kanbar College, Dr. Kander manages a revenue budget of approximately $45 million and an expenditure budget of approximately $35 million, generating a positive margin of approximately $10 million.  Kanbar College has a student body of approximately 1,200 students, split almost evenly between the School of Business (55%) and the School of Design and Engineering (45%).  The Kanbar College student body is comprised of about 65% undergraduate students and 35% graduate students.  He manages approximately 50 full-time faculty, 100 adjunct faculty, and 15 administrative staff. 
 Dr. Kander is a true teacher-scholar and has taught a wide range of courses.  At VT he taught several sections each of a Freshman “Engineering Fundamentals” course, a Freshman “Materials in Our World” course, a Sophomore “Elements of Materials Engineering” course, a Sophomore “Analytical Methods” course, a Sophomore “Environmental Life Cycle Assessment” course, a Senior/Graduate “Polymer Engineering” course and it’s associated “Polymer Engineering Laboratory” lab, a Graduate “Polymer Deformation and Fracture” course, and a Graduate “Engineering Mathematics” course.  While at VT, he received several awards for teaching excellence, including the 1993 College of Engineering “Sporn Award”, the 1997 “Dean’s Teaching Award”, and the 1998 “William E. Wine Award”.  He was also inducted into the Virginia Tech “Academy of Teaching Excellence” in 1998 and named a “Diggs Teaching Scholar” in 1999.  At JMU he taught a freshman seminar class to incoming ISAT majors, a sophomore “Instrumentation and Measurement” class, and a graduate “Modeling and Simulation” class.  He also designed and taught two interdisciplinary, university-wide honors classes at JMU; one entitled “Gödel, Escher, Bach” based on the 1979 Pulitzer Prize winning book by Douglas Hofstadter and the other entitled “Asthetics of Visualizing Information”, which was co-taught by Professor Kander (an engineer) and Professor Chad Curtis (a sculpter).  At Philadelphia University he co-taught a freshman “Integrative Design Processes” class with Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel (a graphic designer) and taught an interdisciplinary “Materials Selection and Design” class to a mixed classroom of engineers, designers and architects.
 Professor Kander has supervised more than 30 graduate students (PhD and MS), published more than 75 articles, book chapters, and refereed conference papers, and presented more than 100 invited lectures and conference presentations (including three invited Gordon Conference presentations).  According to the Google Scholar Citation Index, his work has been cited in the literature more than 600 times.  Professor Kander has secured in excess of $6 million in funded research, approximately half of which was from industrial sources. In addition to his academic teaching and research activities, he has also remained active in industrial consulting and in teaching industry workshops and short courses.

Hemp Industrial Material Processes