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Weldon Angelos utilizes his experience to create a difference in the national movement to reform our country’s criminal justice system. Uniting conservative billionaires and senators with musicians such as Bonnie Raitt, Alicia Keys, and Snoop Dogg. Weldon’s story shows the potential for significant change when unlikely allies join forces. His journey is the foundation of unification, but the real story lies within his own family. His sister's hard work to free him and his children's experience. It's one that many families go through and why it is so important to highlight and support his work.

Weldon Angelos


Ethan Zohn


Ethan is a motivational speaker and former professional soccer player. He not only battled competitors through sport, but the ultimate competitor- cancer.  In 2002, Ethan Zohn won Survivor: Africa, the third season of the hit CBS show. But in 2009 and again in 2011, he battled and beat Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer that begins in the white blood cells of the lymphatic system. Less than two years after Zohn’s first diagnosis, a PET scan found 70 cancerous nodes in his chest; he underwent chemotherapy, radiation and stem cell transplantation all over again. While in the hospital he told himself if he survived he would play another round of Survivor, and that is exactly what he did- joining the 2020 crew on Survivior: Winners at War. Join us to hear the remarkable story of Ethan's journey and how this survivor became a true believer in the power of the plant! 

Chef, Author, and Restaurateur of two acclaimed NYC establishments Jeepney and Maharlika. Miguel along with his wife Nicole Ponseca are changing the conversation around Filipino cuisine. Miguel elevates his culinary skills in endeavors such as the 99th Floor, a private infused supper club. Also as co-host of Bong Appetit. This chef's passion is powered by moving the narrative through food pairings and amazing creations. Join him at our casino night, and as a featured speaker at the Grow! You will feel his passion and learn from his experience!

Miguel Trinidad


Bryan Buckley

Buckley HVGC Photo.jpg

As a Special Operations Team Commander with Marine Raiders, Bryan has led multiple teams in deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom-Trans Sahara (Africa), South East Asia, and Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan (Helmand Province). He has briefed US Ambassadors to mentoring, training, and conducting over 40 combat operations with an Afghan Special Operations Battalion. Bryan is now the Co-Founder, President/CEO of Helmand Valley Growers Company. Since its inception, HVGC has been in discussions with some of the industry’s top researchers and has developed veteran based protocol to effectively prove the benefits of medical cannabis. 100% of Helmand Valley Growers Company profits goes toward veterans medical research. Bryan is also the Founder of Battle Brothers Foundation (501c3). Which is a Foundation that empowers veterans through community-based personal development, progressive medical treatments, and economic upward mobility to better their lives and the lives of their family. Awarded an Institutional Review Board approved study to research the potential benefits for veterans who suffer from the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress. 

Chief Executive Officer and Head Horticulturist of JustinCredible Cultivation. Reginald gained the farming bug early in life, spending summers on his grandparent's farm in North Carolina. He worked alongside his grandfather farming everything from tobacco to tomatoes! Graduating from Bowie State University, and moving from his position of financial manager specializing in government contracts, to start his first business. Shortly after, he realized that his true passion was to develop and elevate others. And that is exactly what he did by creating a company that would go on to develop and brand start-ups. Thus giving them a pathway to becoming dominating businesses in their respective industries. In 2013 Reginald leveraged his horticulture background and built JustinCredible Cultivation. He quickly gained the knack to cultivate cannabis and over the next six years, he studied and mastered the art of growing classic strains to breeding his own! Join our speaker forum to hear Reginald's InCredible journey! 

Reginald Stanfield


Malcolm Mackinnon

Malcom MacKinnon

Malcolm MacKinnon has seen the growth of this plant through the eye of a camera and the point of his pen. As former Editor-in-Chief with 25 years at High Times magazine, Malcolm has captured it all! He was the foundation in a movement even when things didn't move along very quickly, noted as one fo the top 100 most influential people in cannabis!  His list of interviews include Ice Cube to Merle Haggard, Katt Williams to Pamela Anderson, David Crosby to Ricky Williams and everyone in between! Malcolm has graciously donated pieces of his photographic art to the silent auction. True works that will bring life, beauty, and swag to any space! 

Koala Puffs

Koala Puffs is one of the largest 420 focused content creators for a reason! Her funny, down to earth, love for the plant style makes any viewer want to follow! She is an award-winning entertainer and advocate having won two High Times awards and one West Coast Cure award. Additionally she is an entrepreneur with her own successful CBD and merchandise line. If you dont follow her already, you will, Koala's journey and hard work is worthy of mad respect. Come out to the Grow, play some cards, meet this wonderful human, and enjoy the weekend!


Chef Jarod "Roilty" Farina

Chef Roilty.jpg

After winning High Times Top Cannabis Chef, Roilty started throwing private dinners coined “Dine With Roilty”. These events have been very successful and have sold out each year since they began in April, 2017. Chef Roilty also has been featured on TV, shooting with the cast of Bravo Networks Southern Charm, as well as being featured on NBC Chicago News. Internet outlets he has appeared on include Thrillist: Send Foodz and many others. Chef Roilty has traveled the world eating at as many fine dining establishments that he possibly could. Meeting Chefs, picking up techniques and flavor profiles, as well as adding style to his plates. Most recently Chef spent two weekends cooking in Las Vegas’s only restaurant to ever be awarded 3 Michelin Stars, Joel Robuchon.

Chef has combined all his knowledge of cannabis with his ever growing passion for the culinary world, into this perfect synergy of infused dining.

Look for Chef Roilty on Discovery Networks new show CHOPPED420 as it debuts on April 20th, 2021.

Sam Shewmaker

Lake of the Ozark's own Sam Shewmaker started his career with three Kansas City Golden Glove amateur wins and has emerged as one of the best fighters in Bare Knuckle Boxing (BFKC)! The Shewmaker sporting legacy, spurred by Damon Shewmaker, has been a family affair throughout Sam's life. Fueled by passion and propelled by a pure love of sport. Purchase that VIP ticket and play some poker with Sam. Lets knock this charity event out of the park!

  knock this charity event out of the park!


Nick Woodward


Nick Woodward aka Nick the Brit is a social media influencer, and marketer for Dabstars. 

A Missourian that puts his heart and soul into cannabis, communities, and promoting plant life! Powered by straight up hustle, his positive impact is absorbed by everyone that crosses his path!  Nick is not only good at what he does, but his "give back" to people and the industry is what sets him apart! Join us and spend some time with Nick at the Dabstar sponsored gaming table- it will be a night to remember!

Ryan Rice

Ryan Rice, owner of Pollen Nation Elite Genetics. Partner and lead grower at Hempy Ranch, Colorado.  Ryan's been diving deep into the world of genetics and creating beautiful medicine for many years! He is one of those guys you want to sit down with to pick his brain and just hang out with!  Ask him about his best made culinary dish and don't hold it against him that he's a University of Michigan fan! ;)

Come out to The Grow and spend some time with this down to earth grower! 

Ry Rice.jpg

Duane Woods


Missouri native, Duane Woods is one of the most inspiring guys in the cannabis space! If you're ever around him you will feel the positivity seep from his soul! Duane's background is extensive, and his story is the pure definition of hard work!  Aligned with top companies and brands in the industry he is a sales executive with Iluminar Horticulture Lighting, the co-founder of Ekho Solutions and much more!  Grab that ticket to help us keep moving this plant forward, and gain some good juju from this amazing guy! 


Rey Ramirez is co-Founder of Thrive HR Consulting, a Silicon Valley, Austin, TX and Denver, CO-based HR advisory firm that seeks to augment HR needs for organizations, providing fractional HR services for leading, managing, or providing guidance in all facets of HR.  Rey is a versatile HR Leader with entrepreneurial passion, diverse industry experience, and a strong track record of success in HR.  He has direct experience in managing complex mergers, acquisitions & divestitures, start-up organizations, consulting services, and fast growth operations. He also specializes in Change Management, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Strategy and Execution and Total Rewards.

Rey holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development from Amberton University and a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from St. Mary's University. He is also a Prior Board Member of Avance Dallas. Rey currently volunteers with Junior Achievement in Denver as a Classroom Teacher, he also volunteers at the Denver Food Bank and the Denver Women’s Bean Project.

Rey Ramirez


Jason Walker


Jason Walker is co-Founder at Thrive HR Consulting. Jason is a senior Human Resources Leader with over fifteen years of experience running all phases of a successful human resources operation. His specialties include selecting and retaining top talent, building high-performance teams, and consistently meeting and exceeding external customer’s expectations. Jason has exceptional interpersonal ability to communicate powerfully to all levels of the organization and position and feature HR as an integral part of a successful and profitable company. He also has experience in re-engineering workforces throughout the last couple of decades, the dot com bust, the second economic downturn the 2008 Great Recession and is currently assisting companies with Covid19 efforts. Jason holds a BA in Political Science from San Jose State University. He holds a Masters in Human Resource Development from the University of San Francisco as well as an Executive Management Certification from The University of Texas at Austin.

Owner of Duke Remington Farms, Al has 30 years of business development and investment modeling experience. But some say Al found his true calling inside the hemp industry. He co-serviced the R&D hemp project at Tennessee University, and is cultivating some of the best cbd varieties in the state of Tennessee! Indoor/outdoors he has developed techniques that are top shelf! His team's devotion to hard work shows through the plant, but it is the spirit behind the people of Duke Remington that make this company top notch! Father, husband and all around good guy. Come out and play some cards with Al and help us pay it forward!

Alan Hughey


Gina Stephens


Gina Stephens is a survivor from Opioid addiction. In 2008 she had her 9th back surgery, which was a full removal of her spinal stimulator implant. She would not be able to return to the career she loved as the VP of Sales for AT&T Wireless in Kansas City after that. The next several years of Gina’s life were spent in pain management living mostly in bed. In early 2015, her Dr. expressed to her that her body was showing signs of shutting down and she could not sustain that lifestyle of heavy pharmaceutical use for much longer. As a last resort, he recommended using Cannabis as an alternative pain therapy. When Gina heard she could soon lose her life, something changed in her and she wanted to get better. In July of 2015, she took her doctor’s advice, moved to Colorado and enlisted the help of a doctor who would use Cannabis as a way of detox. Gina’s healing journey had begun. While detoxing, she started physical therapy and slowly learned to walk again. She joined a patients group in Colorado Springs where she learned from other patients how to use Cannabis for her pain. She is still an active board member of Canna Patient Resource Connection and attributes them with helping to save her life and allowing her more quality time with her family. Gina recently moved back to Missouri where she resides in Ozark with her mini dachshund Rowdy, who has been by her side through it all. She is thrilled to be back home and wants to work with other patients like herself that are trying to learn how to use Cannabis as medicine.

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