The Lodge of Four Seasons founder, Harold Koplar, lost everything he built at one point in his life but he worked hard and climbed right back to the top! In fact he climbed so far that an up and coming crooner by the name of Frank Sinatra (and friends) frequented the resort. It's told that once upon a time Mr. Koplar lent Sinatra a large sum of money, stating he wasn’t worried about being paid back because he knew Sinatra would make it big!  (oh, if those walls could talk!)  So we thought it was only fitting to hold our first annual event at the lodge, in honor of a man that took chances and persevered!​  Join us for a weekend of paying it forward and celebration!

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Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, the largest unsanctioned boat race, raised 400K for charity in 2020. In 2021 the Grow Tradefest is aligning with the Lake Shootout charity event to give back.
We have locked down the Lodge of Four Seasons for an event full of fast boats, fun, and forward movement!


The Grow Tradefest 

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